So, I have a blog now…

When I was an undergraduate at Syracuse University, I had a short-lived column at the Daily Orange student newspaper.  It was a humor column about all the funny things in my life and my day.  If writing success was measured in candy, J.K Rowling would be the equivalent of Hershey’s Chocolate factory level of production in a year.  My column would amount to two entire Tic Tacs.  I was let go from my volunteer job when I was dreadfully sick, and rather than stiff them on a column, I submitted two really good meatloaf recipes.  I don’t think they appreciated the humor.

I talked to a friend and colleague of mine today, and while he enjoyed a delicious knish, he spoke of writing; how it must be done daily, how important it is, and how he loves it.  He recently had his work taken in by a literary agent.  Now, by no means do I plan on being published, nor do I expect to have millions of followers, Beiber twitter-style (though that would be nice).  Instead, I want to have the opportunity to share my writing with the world, and I will try to do some in a semi-regular timeframe.

So, enjoy…hopefully.